Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering services are specialized in a broad range of mechanical building systems. These include chilled water cooling systems, steam heating systems, air handling systems, plumbing and drainage systems, fire protection, gaseous fire prevention and fire alarm systems, fuel dispensing and storage systems, as well as building automation systems. Our Mechanical design services focus within the government, commercial and institutional sectors, with unique expertise in the design and implementation of Telecommunications facilities. These include Internet Data Centres, Computer Room and Telephony Switching Centres, whereby we deliver high density cooling solutions and complex fire protection systems for these mission critical facilities.

Our Electrical Engineering services encompass a wide variety of design solutions, including detailed electrical audits of existing power, lighting and life safety systems, design of high voltage primary distribution systems, new power systems, emergency and uninterruptible power systems (UPS), design of power quality infrastructures, performing electrical coordination studies and power quality analysis. We also offer a full range of technology services with respect to communications cabling design, cabling system analysis, computer and wiring room space planning and preparation of detailed rack and cabinet layouts.